Our Journey

Nonss or Non-stop Shopping was born in 2015 from Andi Annisa Wardhana. It all started through the grief process of her mother who passed away in 2014 because of Cancer.  Her mother was her soulmate, therefore she would love to find activity that remind her alot, and to shop was one of the thing that her mom really loved too!  The First 5 years she did a double job, as a marketer. Then finally She won one of the fashion funders competition from BEKRAF in 2019. And turns out leads her into something bigger.  

In Pandemic situation, She managed to survive with the unexpected support from friends, family and relatives. On top of that,  In 2020, She decided to merge with Astecat as Chief Creative Officer, knowing her experience has more than two decades in fashion industry as A-listers Celebrity Stylist. With her role to make sure that every touch of design should be elevated!

Flash from 2022, Annisa found other partners too, Jennifer Swensen as Chief Finance Officer, Angela Elvina Simanjuntak as Commissioner & Last one is Moja Rasya, as one of the youngest board of director, her position as Chief Network Officer, will help to make sure that Nonss will always give an impactful pulse to society.